• Our JN Sports Teams play across a number of leagues including; Skelmersdale JFL, Burscough JFL, Hightown JFL and Junior Premier League. We are fortunate to have numerous teams within various age groups. 

  • All our teams are coached by minimum level 2 coaches, this separates us from the rest. 

  • For more details, please fill in the enquiry box below and a member of the team will contact you. 


JN sports Bayern u6 (burscough jfl)

JN sports Madrid u6 (burscough jfl)

JN Sports Juve u6 (Burscough jfl)


JN sports blancos u7 (burscough jfl)

JN sports Madrid u7 (burscough jfl)

JN sports Barca u7 (burscough jfl)

JN sports Ajax u7 (burscough jfl)

JN sports Celtic u7 (JMO sat)

JN sports greens u8 (burscough jfl)

JN sports dynamo u8 (Burscough Jfl)

JN sports juve u8 (Burscough Jfl)

JN sports Galacticos u8 (Burscough jfl)

JN sports boca u8 (Burscough jfl)

JN sports athletic u8 (Burscough jfl)

JN sports blue u8 (Burscough jfl)

Confirmed teams season 20/21

JN sports Reds u9 (Burscough jfl)

JN sports Atletico u9 (Burscough Jfl)


JN sports blues u11 (Skelmersdale JFL)

JN sports blues girls u11 (Jeffrey humble)


JN academy u7  (Hightown JFL)

JN academy u8 (Hightown JFL)

JN academy u9 (Hightown JFL)

JN academy u11 (Junior premier league)

JN academy u16 (Junior premier league)

JN academy u18 (North west youth alliance)

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